Upholstery fabric

As a general rule, we don't stock what is traditionally considered upholstery fabric (ie super heavy, and usually synthetic). However, the definition of upholstery fabric is fairly subjective. We find that customers are often looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional upholstery fabric, possibly in a natural fibre, or they're looking for fabric to cover removable seat cushions, or a decorative chair that won't get heavy-duty wear and tear. 

Most of the fabrics in this category are quite heavy (with the exception of the hemp and organic cottons) and should be suitable for most upholstery projects. However, your upholsterer is ultimately the best person to advise whether a particular fabric is appropriate for your project. If you are using a professional upholsterer, then we strongly recommend that you take along a swatch of fabric to show them. You can request fabric swatches via our Swatch Request Form.