Jo’s Gorgeous Liberty Scrap Quilt

  • September 4, 2013 6:35 pm

Liberty Quilt 3

This beautiful quilt is a sewing project submitted by Jo, one of our lovely customers. I love how this quilt is the star of the bedroom. There’s nothing else competing with it. The supporting cast of the vintage cushion, I think, complements it perfectly.

Thank you so much Jo for sharing this project!

Here’s how Jo went about it…

Planning the Quilt

Basically, the story behind this quilt is that I’ve been making clothes and accessories using Liberty tana lawns since I began my business, Frankie & Ray, about 8 years ago.

I’ve always kept a scrap bag of the offcuts, and at some point I decided that I’d make a quilt from these pieces. I’ve long been inspired by patchwork, and love to combine colour and pattern in my other work.

I was a bit stumped as to how to make a start with it when a friend of mine, who has made quite a few quilts, advised that I ‘just needed to start’. That turned out to be good advice!

I decided that I would make up squares (blocks!) of 20cm x 20cm, and that how those squares would be formed would just be governed by what I liked together, and the size of the offcuts.

I made 172 (I think) in total to make a quilt roughly 200cm x 200cm – big enough to fit our queen size bed.

Liberty quilt 630

Once this was done I arranged the layout on the floor – very low tech! And just went by eye until the distribution looked good to me. I pinned the blocks into rows, labeling each row by number as I went.

Assembling the Quilt

From there it was just a matter of sewing the blocks into the rows, and then sewing the rows together.

My cutting turned out to be quite inaccurate, so there’s a fair bit of  ‘wonkiness’ in the finished quilt, but this has just endeared the quilt to me in a funny way.

I did find a good backing fabric in stripes in complimentary colours – I felt that with so many florals and so many colours, something geometric would be the best option. Rather than use a plain fabric for the binding I chose an irregular spot that matched the colour of the hand quilting thread.

Liberty fabric quilt 4Liberty fabric quilt 5

Hand Quilting

Hand quilting was something I wanted to do, and I found that part of the making very relaxing and therapeutic. The colour of the thread also amazed me – it seemed to change hues according to the fabric it was crossing. It was silvery on the dark fabrics, and duck egg blue on the pale ones.

Liberty quilt stitching

I was a little worried that the finished quilt might not be quite large enough for our queen size bed, I lost a bit of width in the trimming, but it’s perfect.

We live on the south west coast of Victoria where the nights get very cold during Winter, and we’ve always used a cotton blanket on top of our doona for warmth during these months.

The biggest pleasure has been to swap that rather heavy blanket for this feather-light, soft, and very warm quilt, plus I also love that the quilt reflects my history with Frankie & Ray. I can identify every piece of Liberty fabric in the quilt, if not by name, then by what it was used for.

That’s a delight!

Liberty fabric quilt 1

Lisa Edwards
By Lisa Edwards

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