How to Sew a Scarf: A Super-simple Tutorial

  • August 20, 2013 8:35 am

How to sew a scarf finishedHow to sew a scarf finished with jacket

This is a super-easy way to sew a scarf. It makes a scarf that is two metres long so you can tie it however you’d like.

Step 1: Choose the right type of fabric

  • You’ll need one metre of fabric. Choose a fabric that is light, soft and drapes well, such as cotton lawn, voile, silk, double gauze, muslin, light weight linen, etc. I used a Nani IRO double gauze because it is beautifully soft, yet still has body.
  • Don’t be tempted to use quilting fabric because it just won’t drape properly.

Step 2: Cut fabric in half

  • Cut your  fabric in half along the length, so you have 2 pieces, 1 metre x half the width of the original piece.
  • Why not just use a 2 metre piece of fabric? You certainly could, but that is a whole lot of fabric for one scarf. You could use a 2 metre piece and just use half the width of the piece and do something with the rest.

Step 3: Sew pieces together

How to sew a scarf 2_315How to sew a scarf 1_315


Step 4: Fold and sew length

How to sew a scarf 3

  • Fold the piece in half lengthwise, right sides together. Pin and sew along the length and one of the short edges, leaving the second short edge open.
  • Turn the scarf right side out. Dig into the two inside corners with the tip of your closed scissors so you get a nice sharp square corner.

Step 5: Sew final edge

How to sew a scarf 9

  • Before you sew the final edge closed, take your time and iron the seams so the scarf sits flat and the edges are neat.
  • Then fold in about 1 cm (or half an inch) all around the open end. Iron this flat, so both edges are even. Pin the opening in place (as shown below).
  • Now sew this edge together using a top-stitch length (about 3 on most sewing machines).

Step 6: Press again

  • Iron the whole scarf again. Yep, again! You can never iron too much.
  • And voila! One long rectangular scarf, neatly finished, and ready for a windy day!

How to sew a scarf 10

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