Liberty Quilt 3

Jo’s Gorgeous Liberty Scrap Quilt

This beautiful quilt is a sewing project submitted by Jo, one of our lovely customers. I love how this quilt is the star of the bedroom. There's nothing else competing with it. The supporting cast of the vintage cushion, I think, complements it perfectly. Thank you so much Jo for sharing this project! Here's ..
Amy Butler fabric Quilt Inside Out

Amy Butler Water Bouquet

We sent off some of our Amy Butler Water Bouquet fabric to Inside Out magazine a while ago. And, here's the result - a beautiful contemporary quilt all styled up! ..
  • Lisa Edwards
  • May 6, 2010 10:55 am
  • Quilts
Stephs sensational quilt

Steph’s Sensational Quilt

  Steph Bond, who writes the fabulous blog Bondville had this quilt made for her daughter's big bed. It's turned out just beautifully! Love the red and pink combination. Many of the fabrics were sourced from Duckcloth, some have since sold out and some are beautiful prints by Kristen Doran...